The results are in...

Study after expert study concludes arts education is the special ingredient helping our young people learn better in school. Do better at math. Perform better at complex, higher-order thinking tasks. Achieve better reading and language skills.

Arts education can play a remarkably powerful role in the education of our young people for 21st Century jobs. 

So, not only must we support arts educators in our schools, we must constantly remind the rest of the schools community – parents, school administrators, school board members and the business community – about the importance of quality arts education experiences.

Promoting arts education is a special kind of advocacy that depends on the power of grassroots outreach and the involved commitment of people like you who appreciate how much educational excellence can be enriched by arts education.

Arizona’s official education policy says art and music must be taught in our K-8 schools


of schools spend less than

$1 per PUPIL each year

on art supplies, fields trips and classrooms

Despite mounting evidence that performing arts also contribute to better academic performance (especially in the oh-so-important STEM skills)

only 2.8%

of our schools offer instruction in the

four main arts disciplines

music, visual art, theatre and dance!


Too many Arizona young people are missing out on the opportunity for the quality arts education they deserve.

At Arizona Citizens for the Arts, we’re committed to giving them that opportunity.

Along with parents, teachers, school boards, school administrators and people like you, Arizona Citizens for the Arts is building a coalition to insure that arts education is available in every Arizona school.

We’re launching our Arts Education Outreach and Advocacy Initiative  so that not one more school year goes by without a strong voice speaking up for arts education in our schools.

But we need you -- join our coalition AND support us financially so together we can work to make arts education a priority in our schools.

 Data obtained from: Arts Education in Arizona Public Schools for the 2012/2013School Year: An Analysis of the Arizona Highly Qualified Teacher Database, published by the Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona Commission on the Arts.



Incorporating Arts Education into Title I
Arts programs can help schools achieve the goals of Title I by facilitating student engagement and learning, strengthening parent involvement, and improving school climate and school wide behavior.
Looking for more information?
There is an abundant amount of research supporting the necessity of a strong arts education and its connection to a number of invaluable skills such as increased critical thinking and verbal reasoning, which result in more confident and successful students.
Teaching arts to the Arizona Standards
Arizona Arts Education Standards for K-12 schools were updated in 2015 to ensure that arts education supports the need for students learn and practice 21st Century thinking skills and behaviors.