Business Volunteers for the Arts

The Program

Arizona Citizens for the Arts is proud to sponsor Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA), a volunteer matching program that pairs business professionals with arts organizations in many disciplines to accomplish skills-based consulting projects. The program helps business volunteers channel their valuable time, energy and expertise into projects that help arts organizations improve their business practices and succeed in fulfilling their missions. These right brain/left brain partnerships spark creative problem-solving in business and the arts.

How to Apply

Are you an arts organizations in need of assistance in writing a marketing plan, developing your volunteer program, updating your strategic plan, developing an employee handbook – or any other critical management task for your organization? Apply HERE.

Perhaps you are a business person who wants to make a meaningful contribution to helping an arts organization improve its management and better fulfill its mission? Apply here to be a Business Volunteer for the Arts HERE.

For more information about the program, contact BVA coordinator, Robin Hanson,, call (602) 253-6535.

Business Volunteers for the Arts is underwritten by a grant from Wells Fargo Foundation