Effective arts advocacy requires a combination of credible information, effective tools, strong relationships and personal passion for the cause.

Arizona Citizens for the Arts provides you the information, the tools and the tips for relationship-building you need to be an effective advocate, and then we depend on you to match that with your personal passion for arts and culture.

Find out here what you need to know about Arts Advocacy in Arizona, peruse the tools you’ll need and then sign up to be an arts advocate with us.


We know you care deeply about the arts and culture community in Arizona.

That's why we take our job so seriously. We are committed to being your voice for arts and culture by promoting their powerful impact in every corner of our state ...

At the state Legislature

At local city halls

In Arizona school districts

In our work with businesses

In our work with community leaders

In our work with Education leaders

...to ensure that public funding for arts and culture opportunities are available to every citizen and student in Arizona.