Arts Congress is one special day each year when you can make your voice heard at the State Capitol

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Arts and culture advocates, patrons, educators business people and arts leaders gather on one day each year at the State Capitol, while the Arizona State Legislature is meeting to speak directly to their state legislators about the importance of support for arts and culture in our state.

Brief History of Funding

  • FY19 One-time “Rainy Day Interest” funding = $2 million
  • FY20 One-time “General Fund” = $2 million
  • FY21 no legislative funding due to COVID-19; Governor Ducey allocates federal relief = $2 million

The Losses

Between April 2020 and July 2020, Arizona’s creative sector lost 46,948 jobs, with aggregated revenue loss of $1.7 billion… and counting.

Some states allocated an additional $10 million (Indiana), $20 million (Ohio & Pennsylvania), even $50 million (Oregon) to support their arts sector, on top of their on-going funding. 

The Ask

  • FY22 We are asking for $5 million to try to support the hundreds of millions in losses, across the state and to put people back to work.
  • We ask that this allocation come from the state’s General Fund and be listed as on-going.

What It Will Do

On-going funding is required to:

  • Help businesses reopen
  • Rehire artists and support staff
  • Strategically plan for the future
  • Attract and maintain private partnerships in service to Arizonans

Arts Congress 2021 will take place online February 22-26!

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Arts Congress can seem overwhelming, especially if you've never engaged in... dare we say it? ADVOCACY. How do you ask your legislator for increased funding for the arts? Remember these two bullet points:

  1. Memorize the data from above about nearly $2 billion lost revenue to the state and almost 50,000 jobs, and/or bring your own community data of closures and out of work artists
  2. Tell a personal story of impact, your personal connection, or that of someone you serve – whose life you have changed or saved

We know that meeting with legislators can be a daunting task, so we've got all your questions about Arts Congress answered in this FAQ.  This is your opportunity to talk to your legislator about how important arts and culture is to you and your community and make a difference.