Arts Congress is one special day each year when you can make your voice heard at the State Capitol

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Arts and culture advocates, patrons, educators business people and arts leaders gather on one day each year at the State Capitol, while the Arizona State Legislature is meeting to speak directly to their state legislators about the importance of support for arts and culture in our state.

The Background
You may recall that last year the budget negotiated between the Legislature and Governor provided a $2 million allocation to the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Arizona’s 53-year-old state arts agency. We deeply appreciate the bipartisan legislative effort that resulted in this FY20 allocation. These funds have been vital to increasing and expanding the community and economic benefits of
the arts to cities and towns across Arizona.

The Ask
We respectfully ask that legislators support the inclusion of a $3.5 million allocation for the Arts Commission as you negotiate and take action on the FY21 budget.

The Rationale
Solid Support
3.5 million for the Arts Commission in FY21 will:
• Preserve programs that change and save lives, including arts for children, veterans, and seniors
• Continue progress into rural areas including expanded programs in 12 counties, from FY20
• Restore grant awards to near pre-recession funding levels
Consistent Support
We ask that this allocation come from the state’s General Fund or another designated source on which the
Arts Commission may depend from year to year. Steady and consistent investment is required to:
• Sustain and increase community impact
• Strategically plan for the future
• Attract and maintain private partnerships in service to Arizonans
Reliable Support
Monthly receipts from the Arts Commission’s primary funding stream, the Arts Trust Fund, have seen a
sharp decline. Managed by the Corporation Commission, the Arts Trust Fund collects a portion of
Corporation Commission filing fees.

Arts Congress 2020 took place on Feb 10

For the first time ever, the event was FREE to attend. 

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Arts Congress can seem overwhelming, especially if you've never engaged in... dare we say it? ADVOCACY. We work to make the day as seamless and comfortable as possible. Advocates just like you gather on the Senate lawn for coffee and registration on the morning of Arts Congress and meet with their district team members and leader to discuss the schedule and talking points for the day.

We know that meeting with legislators can be a daunting task, so we've got all your questions about Arts Congress answered in this FAQ.  This is your opportunity to talk to your legislator about how important arts and culture is to you and your community and make a difference.