We’re making a change!

The Business Volunteers for the Arts Program is a great tool for our member organizations to utilize in efforts to improve their business practices, improve relationships & communication between businesses and the arts while accomplishing major projects they don’t have the staff capacity to support.

In order to better serve that purpose – and you – we have placed the program on a brief hold while we transition the infrastructure and make fundamental changes to the processes and operations.

We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this transition.


Arizona Business Volunteers for the Arts:

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Arizona Citizens for the Arts is proud to sponsor Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA), a volunteer matching program that pairs business professionals with arts organizations in many disciplines to accomplish skills-based consulting projects. The program helps business volunteers channel their valuable time, energy and expertise into projects that help arts organizations improve their business practices and succeed in fulfilling their missions. These right brain/left brain partnerships spark creative problem-solving in business and the arts.

BVA facilitates projects related to accounting, finance, marketing, public relations, human resources, strategic planning, information technology, graphic design, and event planning. We help shape projects to ensure they are rewarding experiences for both business professionals and arts organization participants.

Objectives of the BVA Program:

Help nonprofit arts organizations improve their business practices
Provide rewarding opportunities for business professionals who wish to contribute to their community and become involved directly with the arts
Improve cooperation, understanding, and communications between business and the arts
Increase business leadership on behalf of the arts


History of the Program

The Business Volunteer for the Arts® (BVA) program is a pro-bono management consulting program operated in cities around the United States by partner organizations of Americans for the Arts. The program is overseen nationally by the staff of the Arts & Business Council of the Americans for the Arts. Since its founding in 1975 by the Arts & Business Council Inc, the BVA program has grown and adapted to serve the changing needs of both the arts and business communities. Over its nearly 35 year history, the BVA program has proven to be a dynamic and effective model for diverse sizes and types of communities. On average, every dollar spent on administration generates seven dollars in new resources for the arts, including consulting services, in-kind donations, and even funds. Nationally, the BVA program has generated over $100 million in donated services, cash, and other in-kind resources.