We want to thank everyone that submitted nominations for these wonderful individuals and organizations!

Artist Award

This award recognizes a living Arizona artist of significant merit, leadership or reputation whose creations or contributions enrich the state and the field of the arts. This category is open to artists of all artistic disciplines.

Ying Xia Gao, Phoenix - CENTRAL

Chris Hamby, Peoria - CENTRAL

Tania Katan, Phoenix - CENTRAL

Lucy Wong, Gilbert - CENTRAL

Bobb Cooper, Phoenix - CENTRAL

Liliana Gomez, Phoenix - CENTRAL

Steven Ciezki, Phoenix - CENTRAL


Such & Champ Styles, Tempe - CENTRAL

John Suttman, Winslow - NORTHEAST

Rhonda Urdang, Flagstaff - NORTHEAST

Arlene MinuskinPrescott - NORTHWEST

Quiahuitl Villegas, Tucson - SOUTHEAST

Jose Dorame, Yuma - SOUTHWEST

Arts Administrator | Organization

This award recognizes a nonprofit arts organization or a person that has demonstrated significant support for or participation in activities fostering excellence in, appreciation of, or access to arts in the State of Arizona. 

Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler - CENTRAL

WHAM Art Association, Surprise - CENTRAL

Dansense~Nrtyabodha, Inc., Scottsdale - CENTRAL

Community Performance and Art Center, Green Valley - SOUTHEAST

Border Arts Corridor, Douglas - SOUTHEAST

Andre Licardi, Glendale - CENTRAL

Yuma Art Center, Yuma - SOUTHWEST

Carolyn Eynon Singers, Scottsdale - CENTRAL

Joy Patridge, Scottsdale - CENTRAL

Prescott Center for the Arts, Prescott - NORTHWEST

Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra, Flagstaff - NORTHEAST

Flagstaff Community Band, Flagstaff - NORTHEAST

House of Broadcasting Radio & Television Museum, Inc, Phoenix - CENTRAL

Nancy Lattanzi, Sedona - NORTHEAST

Sam Gomez / Sagrado Galleria, Phoenix - CENTRAL

Marcia Meyer - The Be Kind People Project, Paradise Valley - CENTRAL 


Scottsdale Arts, Scottsdale - CENTRAL

Sonoran Arts League, Cave Creek - NORTHWEST

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Scottsdale - CENTRAL

Lead Guitar, Tucson - SOUTHEAST

Yavapai-Apache Nation Aritst Guild, Camp Verde - NORTHEAST 

Young Arts Arizona LTD, Phoenix - CENTRAL

Dr. Julian Ackerly, Tucson - SOUTHEAST

Scottsdale Philharmonic, Scottsdale - CENTRAL

Kathy Allen, Tucson - SOUTHEAST

Littlewood Fine Art & Community Co-Op, Yuma - SOUTHWEST

Sonoran Glass School, Tucson - SOUTHEAST

Yuma Orchestra Association, Yuma - SOUTHWEST

Rising Youth Theatre, Phoenix - CENTRAL

Teniqua Broughton, Phoenix - CENTRAL

Phoenix Center for the Arts, Phoenix - CENTRAL

SOUNDS Academy, Phoenix - CENTRAL



This award recognizes for-profit businesses that demonstrate significant support locally or statewide for the arts through contribution(s) of time, energy, personnel, expertise, financial support and/or other activities which foster excellence in, appreciation of, or access to the arts. This category is not limited to arts-related businesses and may include retail, hospitality, services, manufacturing or any other business sector. 

Rolls and Bowls, San Luis - SOUTHWEST

Jarrod's Coffee, Tea & Gallery, Mesa - CENTRAL

On Media, Phoenix - CENTRAL

Partridge & Associates CPAs, PLC, Scottsdale - CENTRAL

LDVinci Art Studio, Chandler - CENTRAL



This award recognizes extraordinary philanthropic leadership through the contribution of financial resources to non-profit arts and culture organizations, and by encouraging the philanthropic support of others.

McKivergan Foundation, Yuma

Dorothy Lincoln Smith, Paradise Valley

Allan Affeldt, Winslow

Chuck and Laurie Goldstein, Paradise Valley

Jon & Liney Jessen, Yuma

Victor Navarro, Tucson