Your health comes first. 

Arts & culture organizations across Arizona care about you. You are our patrons. You are our artistic partners. You are our community. We care about your physical and mental health, and this is why you can trust us to open gradually, with care for the well-being of all.   

Putting you first is the one thing this pandemic has not changed. This is why we were among the first businesses to voluntarily close our doors. This is why artists and other creatives were among the first to find new ways to share their talents with the world online.  

Just as no piece of art is the same, neither is any arts & culture provider.  Our teams LOVE collaboration. We are trained to work together, and you can be assured that our professionals all across the state are talking to one another, sharing ideas, and staying informed with up-to-date practices and innovative ideas for how to keep both you and our staff members safe while you enjoy our work. Each organization is considering the unique needs of the artists, staff, and volunteers who bring different types of cultural experience to lifeReopening will happen differently for each group, based on their specific circumstances. A museum operates differently from a theatre; and a smaller event space will have different traffic flow than a larger, regional attraction.  Visit the website of the organizations you support for the details of how they are planning to reopen. 

 Arts are essential to our human spirit. We lead with love, compassion, and creativity. We are ready to serve our communities and nurture their physical and emotional health – as we have always done. As we gradually reopen, we thank you for your partnership in our shared goal to enjoy the special gifts of our state’s vibrant arts and cultural resources. So, please join us for a performance, an exhibit, a walk, a talk, and together let’s reignite the human connections that hold us all together.