Like so many of my colleagues in the Arizona State Legislature, I became involved in politics to make a positive difference in my community.  In my nine years serving LD28, I’ve had the honor of representing my constituents in their efforts to improve Arizona. The issue most familiar to the readers of this newsletter is arts funding, but there are many, many more issues addressed at the legislature that are not so well known. 

Recently, I tackled quality of life problems in neighborhoods — Sober living homes, Addiction treatment facilities, Airbnb homes, home-based businesses and food trucks are just a few examples. 

This would not have been possible without grassroots advocacy from wonderful community leaders.

This past session I worked with passionate and caring advocacy groups to pass legislation protecting vulnerable Arizonans, passing laws to make the migrant children in Southwest Key shelters and the patients at state licensed long term care facilities like Hacienda Healthcare safer.  Public health advocates from across the state and I also passed a bill that I know will lower the number of preventable maternal deaths in Arizona!  I worked with senior advocates to pass a little known bill to protect seniors from predatory investment scams.

So, when you call your legislator about an issue of concern, or to ask them to vote a certain way, you are participating, you are making a real difference. You are improving your community. What can you do to be sure you are effective, that you are heard?

The first step toward making your voice heard is learning how the sausage is made, or how bills make their way through the legislature.

I recently taught a class at the Beatitudes Campus where I explained this process. We had so much fun!  Best of all, I know there is a group of constituents who will be actively participating in the legislative process and making their voices heard.

If your group or organization would like a similar class, or if you have an issue that you think the legislature should address, please reach out to me at

I’m passionate about empowering others to make a difference – follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @KateMcGeeAZ for educational opportunities and updates on the work that I’m doing at the Capitol, and to learn how to get involved. I am here to serve.