Hello friends of AZCA, I’m Yurika! I’ve been working with Sarah and Joseph since October. I’m doing this dual-city life where I spend the first half of the week in Phoenix and the rest of my time in Tucson where I was born and raised. After graduating from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor in Finance/Business Administration, I started to explore the arts- the industry, the effects on the local economy, and the community. I was immediately drawn to the makers of all kinds. Ceramics, murals, woodwork, metalwork, and textile art are all abundant in Tucson’s tight-knit community. My first job with launching a Cameroonian dressmaker’s business! I’ve met so many creatives and makers over the last 2 years after my graduation, I even became a part of SUBSPACE and art collective that has completely reconfigured the basement of one of the downtown warehouses. Given all of the opportunities in Tucson to showcase historically underrepresented artists, I really do believe that arts is going through a renaissance. I became interested in advocacy as I felt the need for systemic improvement and catalyst to enriching communities statewide.  
I’m excited to be on the team with Sarah and Joseph, represent Tucson and Southern Arizona, and connect with everyone through the internet! follow me on Instagram at yurika.xlsx and add @azcitizens4arts too!