Support for arts and culture is a partnership of public and private interests, individuals, corporations, foundations and our elected officials -- because arts and culture is an important contributor to the of health our  communities, the vitality of our economy and the excellence of our schools.

Arts and the Economy

Non-profit arts and culture is a $166 billion industry nationwide that supports local tourism, job generation and other supporting industries in communities all over America.

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The Impact of Arts and Culture in Arizona

The creative sector in Arizona is a $9 billion industry employing 90,000 individuals. Non-profit arts and culture in Arizona generates more than $300 million in direct expenditures and employs more than 13,000. This industry also makes significant contributions to other Arizona businesses and to state and local tax revenues.

Arts and Culture Contribute $9 Billion to Arizona’s Economy

Economic Report on Nonprofit Arts

Public Funding and the Arts

In Arizona, state funding for arts and culture is an investment in local community and economic vitality.
Similarly, federal funding is an investment in making arts and culture experiences available to ALL Americans regardless of where they live or their economic circumstance, and to support the contributions arts and culture make to excellence in education.

How the United States Funds the Arts

List of Arizona Commission on the Arts FY 2018 Grantees

Arts & Education

National and local studies confirm the impact of K-12 arts education on improved individual student performance and the school environment.  Yet, the resources to support arts curriculum is lacking in many of Arizona’s schools.
A 2010 census of arts education in Arizona schools shows that 50% provide no money for curriculum materials for arts education, and 134,000 Arizona students attend school with access to no school-based arts education.

Arts Education in Arizona Public Schools

Arts Education Census Explorer

Strengthening Schools Through Arts Partnerships