School Board Candidates

Arizona Citizens for the Arts will be communicating with voters about the 2018 School Board Elections soon after the Primary Election on August 28th.

Numerous studies in Arizona and across the country demonstrate the dramatic impact and value of K-12 arts education because of how it improves the academic performance of students, their engagement in their school experience, and their confidence and self-image.

The State of Arizona requires instruction in music and visual arts in the elementary schools and has established academic standards for all four major art forms – dance, music, visual arts and theatre. However, many schools fail to offer all four arts forms, and even the basic requirements for music and visual arts. In many more schools, resources for quality instruction are often scarce.

Arizona Citizens for the Arts, through its Arts Education Outreach and Advocacy Initiative, is engaged in promoting the value of arts education and seeking ways to expand arts education offerings in our schools. In short – we are seeking to close the gap between arts education policy and how it is – or is not – practiced in our schools.

To that end, we have piloted a candidate and voter outreach and education effort in several school districts who will be electing members to their school boards this fall.

The results of a candidate survey in these selected districts are available here.  If you are a voter in any of these school districts, we invite you to review the responses from these school board candidates.

Please note – many school districts will also have bond issues or funding override measures on local ballots.  These elections have an important impact on whether your local school will have the resources to provide a quality education, including the arts. We invite you to visit the website of your county school superintendent to find out if your local school district is having such an election.

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 Arizona Citizens for the Arts will be communicating with you about the election this fall. 

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