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Numerous studies in Arizona and across the country demonstrate the dramatic impact of K-12 arts education because of how it improves the academic performance of students, engagement in their school experience, and their confidence and self-image.

The State of Arizona requires instruction in at least two of the five major arts forms (music, visual arts, drama, dance and media arts and visual arts) in the elementary schools and has established K-12 academic standards for all five major art forms. Yet, recent findings from the Arizona Arts Data Project show that a third of Arizona elementary school children are not receiving any arts instruction at all. The same study based on the 2015-16 school year shows the largest percentage of young people with no access to arts education are in schools with 75% or more of students on the free and reduced lunch program. Overall, 183,686 young people attend Arizona schools without access to arts education.

Arizona Citizens for the Arts, through its Arts Education Outreach and Advocacy Initiative, is committed to promoting the value of arts education and to expanding access and enrollment in arts education offerings in our schools.

This year, we distributed surveys to all Arizona school board candidates  to learn about their attitudes about providing equal and equitable access to arts education to all students in their school district.

While the response rate was low, we appreciate the many candidates who took the time to complete the survey. The results are below, listed by county.

If you do NOT see your school district and/or candidates listed below, you may contact your local school or your county superintendent of schools for more information about elections your district.

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